About Us

Marketing 54 is a fifteen year-old web development firm, and was created because there was a real need for simple and down-to-earth software solutions for entrepreneurs online. Our goal is to create a long line of highly dependable, affordable software solutions with amazing customer support for each of clients' needs.

We specialize in technologies and platforms such as WordPress, PHP, Laravel, HTML5, MySQL, Varnish Cache, Apache, Litespeed, NginX, and more to create and deliver our products and services.

Most of the software solutions are based on the web instead of the desktop because that is an area where Marketing54 feels that it can best serve its customers.

Marketing 54 has several full time employees and sub contractors for development, design, customer support, research and development. We believe that as long as we serve the customer with integrity and real care, we will be able to keep providing the solutions and products they need and demand from us.

Even though we are always working "behind curtains", as long as our clients are successful we are happy to continue helping them thrive.


We specialize in developing and SaaS and self-hosted tools. Our applications are recognized for their powerful features as well as the simplicity of use, both for our clients and our client's clients. We help them provide a unique experience for visitors and clients with the tools we create for them. Marketing 54 stands out because of our unique approach to software development and customer satisfaction. Your dream app is literally just a few clicks away!

We also offer high-end, high-performance web hosting through one of our subsidiaries. Please feel free to inquire should you need more information.

Another area of service is the creation of information products, such as ebooks, training videos, online courses, and much more. We also provide the platform and required software to run membership sites for you and your customers.


We'd LOVE to show you our Portfolio, but we take our clients' privacy very serious.

If you want to know more about our work or you were referred by one of our existing clients, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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Feel free to send us an email if you require more information about our development services and web-hosting platform.

You can also call us and leave us a message with your inquiry.

Please expect a reply or callback from one of our team members in the next 24-48 hours.

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